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This Journey Called Life

3 March
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Conceived: roughly around June of 1972

Born: March 3, 1973 (Sun: Pisces, Moon: Aquarius, Ascendant: Capricorn)

I am an East Coast transplant to Oregon - I love it here for the cool greenness, the open sky, the expansiveness and the friendly people. My two fabulous neices (oh, and the rest of my family) still live in Connecticut, so I go back there occasionally to visit. I'm openly gay and politically left, not that there's anything wrong with that.

In January of '06, I started taking meds to treat Adult ADD after some personal stuggles with organization and follow-through. I consequently quit my job and have started a business so as to devote more of my time to volunteerism, with varying degrees of success. Staying organized is still challenging, but at least I get to boss *myself* around.

I'm creative and loving. I'm more afraid than I let on most of the time, of just about everything. I try to be perfect and then I try harder to be forgiving of myself for falling short. I think deep thoughts (thus the name of my LJ) and am fairly intolerant of superficiality, not from malice but impatience. I'm thankful to acmeunveiled for introducing me to this venue of self-expression and for the freedom it's given me.

Hope you enjoy reading!